Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Abstract Wall Art

By Chesterfield Warehouse

According to Aristotle, “the aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”. As we know, art is deemed subjective; therefore one can choose to accept a piece as art or to reject it. That being said, it seems that in 2016, the most on-trend art to hang on your walls is within the abstract category. Clearly to some, this form of art is not art at all. In fact, it uses color, shapes, and lines to a certain degree of independence from things portrayed in the world. Nonetheless, the beautiful shapes and colors still make for a pretty accent to hang in your home! Basically, abstract art is having a moment this year – with a few specifications that is. The most popular themes are the following:

Blue shades: Art in blue hues seems to be in high demand, and rightfully so, because of its peaceful & serene nature. Try picking an abstract piece with different shades, in order to maximize the soothing feeling and your possibilities to match with the elements in your home.

Patterns: Another popular theme is patterns. Repetitive patterns are also a form of abstract art, and this year these little bursts of pattern are making their way in! If your walls are plain, then patterns will definitely draw the eye. Despite being simplistic artwork, it is definitely a show-stopper!

Statement art: Statement art? I thought abstract art was already making a statement?! A statement piece is one that measure over 5 feet. So when it comes to making a statement, this piece of art will take its fair share of room. 

Let your imagination wander as you stare at the abstract pieces hung in your home. It is the perfect home accent! Each piece is unique and will leave you wondering what the artist was thinking about when he/she came up with the design. 

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Quiz: What is your perfect home style?

By Chesterfield Warehouse


1. Which adjectives best describe you?
¡ Spontaneous, uncomplicated, relaxed
rFundamentalist, subtle, structured
o Distinguished, outworn, prestigious

2. Which mood best describes your home?
o Calm and collected
¡ Tranquil and escaping
rCreative and dynamic

3. Which loveseat would you prefer for your home?

4. How would you describe your favorite style?
rSmart and sophisticated
o Vintage and rococo
¡ Casual and sporty

5. What is the color scheme you're most attracted to?
rDark brown, taupe and creamy
¡ Soft blue, green or pink and white 
o Burgundy, navy, forest green and rust   

6. When decorating your home, do you consider interior trends?
rYes, I notice the latest trends and try to add them into my interior design
¡ I know the basic dos and don’ts but trends don’t always influence my home style
o Not at all, I am passionate about history 

7. How would you spend your next vacation?

8. If you have to choose a set of accessories for your home, which one would you pick?

rPicture frame and a rug  
¡ Candle holders and a pouf
o Vase and a decorative bowl 


You have lots of  r
Your taste for trendy modern arts, abstract and urban style make you fall into the Contemporary home Style.  Your house looks sophisticated with a nice combination of contemporary furniture! 

You have lots of  ¡
Your passion for simple things, laid-back attitude and relaxed life make you fall into the Casual home Style! Your house is comfy and calm with casual furniture!

You have lots of  o
Your eagerness for majestic, vintage and rich ancient artwork makes you fall into the Old World home Style! Your house has a victorious and prestigious look, with a nice combination of old world furniture!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Victoria Day Long Weekend!

By Chesterfield Warehouse 

Spending your day relaxing with family and friends, watch the city parades or fireworks … there are so many exciting ways to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. How about you break your weekend routine and spend it differently for once?

Victoria Day weekend always marks the beginning of the summer and the outdoor season:
  • we start going to our cottage or vacation properties if we possess one,
  • we plan getaway weekends or go camping,
  • many amusement parks and outdoor attractions open as of this weekend,
  • gardeners start planting their delicate plants and crops in their gardens.

All these potential activities and places outdoors can be so inspirational and influence your home style!  The cottage style is the latest trend. Here are a few creative ideas on how to change your home and adopt the cottage style at least for this coming season:

Start by picking the right pastel colors- green, yellow, pink, cream or white! Now you can play with your available home square footage. In doing so, you will make your home more inviting and optimize your home living space, while at the same time creating comfort!

Then get the right materials- wood, stone and all natural materials that will bring texture and emphasize on your home coziness!

From the dining room to the bedroom ….it looks easy to set the perfect cottage tone and enjoy all the unique lived-in comfort a house can offer.

If the weather permits, then you should definitely set foot outside. Picnicking can be great during this season: all you need is a throw and to decide where to place it - in a park or in your backyard. You could also take your dinette furniture outside on your patio for tea time!

Ensure that you make the most of your long weekend! Happy Victoria Day!

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Frontier To A Confident Mood

By Chesterfield Warehouse 

Do you need Vitamin SEA? Bring the ocean breeze into your home, by implementing some navy home accents. Confidently anchor a nautical theme, as it will introduce a chic coastal look and have your home in beach mode all year round! It won’t matter the season. Let’s take a look at how you can create this ambiance:

Your Coastal Bedroom:
Get the dreamy beachy bedroom you’ve always wanted! The coastal look features an injection of blues, especially navy, into a white bedroom. In fact, navy blue and white make a statement - one of confidence. In order to achieve this look, consider a navy bedding set with two-toned decorative pillows. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns for more visual interest and for a bolder look. Also, you can include accessories such as a white lamp, vase & picture frame to break up all of the blue.

Life aboard your Living Room!

All aboard the soothing living room retreat! Transform your living room in a charming Cape Cod-style cottage that will keep the beach close to home. Ideally, your furniture should already be picked out. You can completely change the look of the room with the help of accessories! The easiest and most neutral sofa colors for this look are white or beige. Both colors blend beautifully with navy blue. To balance the design, make sure to add a mixture of contrasting colors – navy and white. In other words, add contrasting pillows, throws, frames and a rug. In terms of pattern, stripes are your typical choice. It’s classic and you mostly likely won’t get tired of it versus a print.

So matey include navy blue into your home if you dare! This color and d├ęcor choice exudes confidence and just might give you the daily dose of confidence that you need.

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